Do this EVERYGAME while you’re loading into a Wild Rift match…

  • What is my lane phase goal(s)? (pre 5 min) This encompasses my lane matchup, my champion’s strengths (ex: if my champ had strong early 1v1 power, or ranged abilities to farm from afar, or scales well, or roams well, etc), possibility of jungle presence, and more.
  • What is my opponent’s lane goal? Do I know for sure that the enemy wants to try to kill me early? How do I react to that? Do I know that the enemy hard scales and has a weak laning phase? Again, how do I play into that.
  • How do I help my team win the game? What is my role in the mid to late game? Do I split push? Can I duel in the side lane? Do I group for teamfights? If I group for teamfights do I dive backline, do I peel carries, etc.
  • If you can only ask yourself one thing, let it be this: what does my champion want to do, and how does that slot into our team composition? Another way to look at this is, what does your champion absolutely not want to do? This is most effective in ranked, although players in a competitive environment may also find this helpful.
  • How does our comp win? Do we scale? Do we need to snowball? When do we powerspike? These kinds of questions identify both when our team is strongest and what are our strengthes.
  • How do we execute said win condition? How do we take advantage of our strengths? If we have a strong early game comp what do we need to capitalize on early? What lanes have prio? Who do we play around, how do we want to play around objectives, etc(i.e drake check). How does that change in each stage of the game?
  • How does the enemy team win the game? What do they need met and how can we aim to not satisfy their win conditions? For example, when is the enemy strongest and how do we play to our strengths and not theirs (i.e.: if the enemy has a strong level 1, don’t invade or fight, if they have good 5v5 and we need to split, don’t 5 man teamfight, etc).
  • How do we play teamfights (if you want teamfights)? Front to back? Diving? Who’s peeling? Who are we focusing/who is calling focus? Make sure your team is on the same page.
  • What is our goal for this particular objective? Can we burst down this dragon before the enemy team gets here? How do we zone them away for contesting, can we turn and teamfight them? **THIS IS A CLASSIC BLUNDER** If you do not do this, chances are you will find yourself in more 50/50 smite fights and getting aced more than your winrate would appreciate :).



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